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West Ham United FC (December 2015): Congratulations to Vice-Chairman @karren_brady on being voted into top 8 best business role models by UK students.

Cosmopolitan (December 2015) West Ham United Vice-Chairman Karren Brady has been named Ultimate Businesswoman by Cosmopolitan in their 2015 Ultimate Women’s Awards.

The Telegraph (October 2015): Karren joins Virgin boss Richard Branson and a host of other prominent figures to make the positive case for Britain staying within Europe. “Whether in the pitch or in the boardroom, people are stronger when they work together.”

BBC News (October 2015): Karren will play a central role in the campaign to keep Britain inside the European Union ahead of an ‘In or Out’ referendum , as one of the leading Board members under chair of the campaign, Sir Stuart Rose.

The Sunday Mirror (October 2015): Karren tells the paper that the 2015 candidates on The Apprentice face the toughest set of tasks yet. “Because the prizes are £250,000 and a 50-50 partnership, Sir Alan wants to make sure they have all the skills, not just the on paper business plans.”

OK! Magazine (October 2015): Karren anticipates an exciting series of The Apprentice. “Most entrepreneurs are used to working for themselves, so when you get 18 of them together they all think they’re in charge and that creates fireworks.”

Business Insider Australia (September 2015): Karren’s career in pictures, charting the rise from her first start in media advertising sales to her current role at West Ham. “She still interacts with her fans on Twitter with her down to earth posts.”

Evening Standard (August 2015): Karren says that, without West Ham’s commitment and vision, London’s former Olympic Stadium would have had no sustainable future. “Without West Ham this would have been pulled down. It was going to be 25,000 with no roof. That’s a legacy?”

Raconteur Media (July 2015): Karren is named as one of the world’s 50 most inspirational people after a poll of the website’s readers for her pioneering achievements in the world of football, and her championing of women in business.

Daily Mail (June 2015): Karren is ranked one of the 50 most influential people in Premier League history. “Her direct influence as Birmingham and West Ham punched above their weight for years is impressive, yet arguably outweighed by her trailblazing as a successful high-ranking woman in what remains predominantly a man’s world.”

Daily Mail (May 2015): Karren answers the Daily Mail’s most searching questions about her rise to the top. What’s the worst job she’s ever had? “I have never had a bad job – every one leads to a better job…I got a Saturday job sweeping up in a hair salon. By the end of the first day I had changed the rotas and was running the tills.”

BBC News (April 2015): Karren reveals that West Ham will have the most affordable Season Tickets in the Premier League at the former Olympic Stadium. “We have always said that the move to our magnificent new stadium would be a game changer for West Ham, but without putting an extra financial burden on our supporters.”

Daily Mail (April 2015): Karren shows You magazine some of her most treasured objects, ranging from her grandma’s ring to one of her first job offer letters. “You don’t become successful without hard work. For me, it has been 27 years of slogging away to make it in business.”

Daily Mail (April 2015): Karren joins Prime Minister David Cameron on the election campaign trail and backs his plans for apprenticeships. “I remember that feeling of being 18, 19, 20 years old, hungry to get on and desperate for someone to give me an opportunity so I could prove myself.”

The Express (March 2015): Karren answers questions about her life, loves and personality. What was the best thing her parents taught her? “The gift of self-esteem, which I think is very valuable. I’ve made it a priority of mine to always do the same for my own children.”

Nottingham Post (March 2015): Karren gives the first ever Chancellor’s Lecture at Nottingham University. “I hope that through sharing my experiences in the business world, including some top tips I’ve learnt along the way, I can help inspire and motivate everyone who attended.”

The Guardian (March 2015): Sophie Elmhirst interviews Karren about politics, work-family balance, and her career aspirations. “I do believe you need to live in a country that’s full of aspiration. That if you want to do well, you can do well.”

Debrett’s (January 2015): The society guide’s annual list of Britain’s most influential people lists Karren as one of the 20 top businesspeople in the country. “In addition to being the First Lady of Football, Baroness Brady exerts a unique hold over the business world.”

Birmingham Mail (December 2014): Former Apprentice candidate Claire Young speaks about her experiences on the show, and reveals her admiration for Karren. “I think she is a brilliant businesswoman and role model.”

BBC News (December 2014): Karren makes her maiden speech in the House of Lords, telling her fellow peers about her passion for sport and helping young people, with Lord Sugar among those looking on.

The Telegraph (November 2014): Glenda Cooper says Karren is the modern definition of what a feminist looks like. “She’s not a Thatcher, breaking through glass ceilings, but leaving other women behind. She has consistently promoted other women.”

Daily Mail (November 2014): Karren is introduced to the House of Lords by her friend and Apprentice co-star Lord Alan Sugar under her new official title, Baroness Karren Brady of Knightsbridge.

The Telegraph (October 2014): Karren talks to Eleanor Doughty about the Barclays Lifeskills programme which she is supporting. “Young people are beginning to realise that your life really starts once you get a career and your choices of career are much better if you’ve got a great education.”

Evening Standard (October 2014): In the list of the 1,000 most influential people in London, Karren features in the sport category. “Karren Brady commands respect as a strong businesswoman in West Ham’s boardroom, as well as being an author, columnist, government adviser and TV judge on The Apprentice.”

The Guardian (October 2014): In response to comments from a contestant on The Apprentice, Karren says the idea that women need to dress a certain way to get on in their careers is a thing of the past. “These are antiquated views for a bygone age that thankfully is no longer around any more.”

The Telegraph (November 2010): Karren is named as the No.1 businesswoman among the 100 most powerful women in Britain, alongside the likes of Dame Marjorie Scardino and Martha Lane Fox. “Brady is famously dedicated – she was answering emails 24 hours after emergency brain surgery.”