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Karren Brady: The mindless few West Ham fans who shamed club against Manchester United do not deserve to be part of our future

Karren Brady: Kids must follow their own dreams… not their parents’

Karren Brady: Let’s help people to be happy… not kill themselves

‘This move is the right one if we are to achieve our dreams’: West Ham co-chairman Karren Brady on club’s ‘enormous’ Olympic Stadium move

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Karren Brady’s football diary: Another Saturday, another red card ref calamity for West Ham

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Karren Brady: Why does success spark envy in some when it should inspire us all to better things?

Karren Brady: Body shamed for being FAT and for being FIT nobody safe from the cruellest form of bullying?

Karren Brady: IVF triplets gran should realise there is a reason you’re not meant to have kids at 55

Karren Brady’s football diary: Uefa right to be a Cesc pest and WAGS are a good distraction for players

Ban them for life: West Ham promise to hunt down and find out who threw bottles and glasses at Manchester United’s bus as it approached Upton Park

Karren Brady’s football diary: Hail the Eddie Howe wow factor – while it’s all change for the Prem’s elite clubs

Karren Brady: OK, I’ll never be a supermodel… but I can use my brain

Karren Brady: Kids aged four are just too young to have to pick a sex label

Karren Brady: Being happy in your own skin beats any cosmetic surgery

Karren Brady: Celebs… please stop lying to us about your eating habits

Karren Brady: Madonna’s still sexy and sassy… give her a break

Karren Brady: When it comes to pay, ladies, it’s time for us to man up

Karren Brady: I’d like to inspire more young women to be successful

Karren Brady’s football diary: Only silly people think Marcus Rashford should go to Euro 2016

It’s no good hiding behind innocent until proven guilty…Margaret Byrne should’ve banned Adam Johnson

Vice-Chairman Baroness Brady CBE celebrates International Women’s Day with a special message to West Ham United supporters

The secret to getting the job you love AND a wage rise to go along with it

Karren Brady: Taylor Swift put down proves what a bully Kanye West is

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Have you got the 20-year marriage itch? I may be able to help

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Premier League exodus: West Ham chief Karen Brady warns top stars will leave if UK votes to leave Europe

Karren Brady: I’d like to inspire more young women to be successful

The Sun (September 2015): Karren tells Sun readers she is proud that West Ham have secured a sustainable multi-use legacy for the former Olympic Stadium. “I am proud West Ham have stepped up and made a 100-year commitment to the nation’s iconic stadium.”

The Telegraph (April 2015): Karren tells Telegraph readers why she and thousands of other business owners are backing the Conservative Party at the general election, proud to represent “the people who invest their life savings, who put blood, sweat and tears into winning clients, employing new people and driving their business forward.”

Evening Standard (April 2015): Karren tells London that West Ham will have the most affordable Season Tickets in the Premier League when the Club moves to its new Stadium. “The best stadium in the Premier League will now also have the cheapest season ticket and that makes me very proud.”

The Sun (April 2015): Karren tells Sun readers why she is supporting the government’s apprenticeship strategy. “As soon as someone gives you a chance and believes in you – it’s a moment that can transform your life.”